What TRUE Broadband is..

information for the masses

What's Broadband?

Broadband is extreme high speed Internet.   The average Internet speed within the USA today is 17 Mbps.

The average speed within Asia is over 100 Mbps.

Why the difference?   Many reasons are present which can help explain the large gap in speeds:

  1. Costs associated with build out of fiber optic networks.  These costs include labor, rights-of-way, permitting, properties for the main office, etc.
  2. Many rural area leaders are hesitant in allowing new services within their areas due to the perception that their established revenue base from FCC Franchise fees will be lost.
  3. Confusion or lack of knowledge in regards to the benefits such services can bring to an area.
  4. Capital Costs- The equipment needed can bring an extreme high cost if the project leaders are unaware of the many vendors which offer their products at a much lower cost per subscriber than the Top 3 manufacturers.

What you can do..

Many rural areas and towns have created 'citizens groups' to gather information and knowledge as to the many ways to achieve fiber optic network capabilities within their region.

Creating the following can help greatly in realizing the reality of a fiber optic network for your area:

  • Task Force
  • Project Plan
  • Build relationships with Tier 1 Internet providers
  • Explore what other successful towns/areas have done to achieve their goals
  • Equipment modeling
  • A non-profit company when moving forward
  • A "PPP" or Public/Private Partnership

Fiber to the X..

High Speed Internet is best delivered with fiber optic cabling.   The image above is a depiction of the elements involved in delivering Gigabit connectivity to the home or business.

The following link provides a toolkit from the FTTH Council which helps people to understand the complexities and issues involved with building a fiber optic network in a community:

Fiber Optic Toolkit